Our Story

Pjeter Nika

Artist & Craftsman
Pjeter graduated from the Studio Marubi Photography Academy of Albania in 1990 and began his career as a professional photographer soon after with a special focus on nature, landscapes and historical settings. In 2004, Peter started Cortona Ferro near Cortona, Italy where he specializes in a wide-range of iron and steel work for commercial and residential applications. Pjeter went on to found Olivewood Arts in 2013, where he produced crafts in olive wood and iron.

In 2016, Pjeter founded Nika Arts s.r.l., where he designs and creates interior and exterior furniture made from recycled and reclaimed woods and forged iron and steel. With the founding of Nika Arts, Pjeter has merged his expert and skilled craftsmanship with a refined, artistic vision to create beautiful and unique furniture that will stand the test of time.

Nora Nika

Nora was born in Albania and currently lives and works in Umbria, Italy. She is a self-taught painter and artist working in several mediums, including oils and watercolors, as well as pencil. She has a deep passion and affinity for nature, which she explores in her still lifes, portraits, sacred objects and landscapes, concentrating primarily on the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Umbria in Italy.

Nora also specializes in the restoration of painted antique Italian beds, bringing them back to life with her meticulous and vibrant brushwork.

Gjovana Nika

Design & Marketing
A student of Economics and International Relations in Perugia, Italy, Gjovana has a passion for art inherited and developed by her parents. She is an accomplished illustrator who often works with clients of Nika Arts in realizing their designs or ideas for furniture and iron work created by her father, Pjeter. Gjovana also assists with marketing and customer relations for Nika Arts to insure Pjeter’s work can be purchased and enjoyed by those with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

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